Rick Sanchez

A Picture of Rick Sanchez

Character Details

Rick Sanchez is a genius, who left his daughter 20 years prior to his current self, and has returned to her home in the current time. He is often the source of problems in the home that he lives in, and has separated his daughter and her incompetent husband. He is from the dimension C-137

Powers and Abilities

Rick Sanchez is a genius who can travel between dimensions, and can create about anything. He is often said to be the smartest man in the universe, as are the other versions of himself from other dimensions

Friends and Enemies

Rick Sanchez has made many enemies, and often doesn't have close friends, other than his relatives. Rick from earth C-137 doesn't like to associate with the other ricks, who formed "The Council of Ricks." In most of the adventures, Rick makes an enemy, be it a family issue or a general issue.