Some people that were involved in Blade Runner 2049

A brief summary of Blade Runner 2049

The main idea behind blade runner, is the concept of morality in our actions. It focuses on replicants, a sort of machine which functions and lives the exact same way a human does, save for a few things. These replicants have been sent to "the offworld" for cheap slave labor. The question behind all of it is, is it morally acceptable? Well, in regard to the original movie, its an absolute must see and classic. The new movie however, picks up 30 years later. When the world was pushed to the brink of destruction, by mans own greed albeit, a man comes and picks up the pieces. 28 years after this occurs, a replicant (Ryan Gosling), tries to discover his identity, and find out if he is more than just a replicant.

My thoughts on Blade Runner 2049

This movie was amazing, and did everything it tried well. The characters showed emotion and you could connect with them, on a certain level. The story is told well, without having to define whats happening to you, word by word. There was a lot of well shot scenes, and it shows a level of faithfulness to the orginal, 35 years after its conception. Ridley Scott, director of Alien and the original Blade Runner, made another smash hit, that will most likely dominate the box office.

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