Lincoln Park Zoo

Lincoln Park Zoo The iconic Licoln Park Zoo is a huge draw for tourists and other people in chicago, as there are many exceptional qualities to it. Not only is it offered as a free sevice, it also houses a very large number of animals, and is home to quite a few festivals during some seasons The surrounding area is a park with a few manmade lakes around it, and it is not unlikely to see people jogging these courses. For more information, visit the official Lincoln Park Zoo website.

Shedd Aquarium

This aquarium is known to be a very popular tourist attraction that is quite famous among locals for its vast array of aquatic exhibits. There are a variety of shows that are available to the general public on a day to day basis. Shedd Aquarium Not only that, it also offers a variety of activities in close proximity to it, and offers snacks to the visitors. For more information, visit the official Shedd Aquarium Website.

River Tours

Chicago River A big part of Chicago is the river that runs through it, and there is no better way to ecperience it than the river tours. they offer an in depth look at the history of Chicago, over the past century, and how it relates to the river that runs through the city. It is also an excellent way to do sightseeing, as some of the biggest buildings and most architechturally impressive are built on that river. For more information, go to here.

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