The Talbott Hotel

The Talbott The Talbott Hotel is a modern styled hotel that offers a small range of amenities, but shows its worth in location. It is located perpendicular to the magnificent mile, and as such, gives it access to a large number of shops and tourist sites. The views from the higher floors are also gourgeous For more information, go to

Hotel Lincoln

The Lincoln The lincoln hotel is a beautiful hotel on the smaller side, with a prime location. It offers quite a few services, such as a rooftop patio and a coffee shop. It is perfect for people who don't want to stay right in the bustling city , but don't want to be too far away from all the activities that Chicago has to offer. It is right next to Lincoln Park and its main attraction, the zoo.

Trump International Hotel

Trump Hotel One of the finest hotels in the country, the Trump International Hotel in Chicago. Located near the river that runs through Chicago, this five-star hotel offers spas, dining, and fitness centers. Although it is one of the most expensive hotels on this list, it is definitely worth it if you can shell out a few extra thousand dollars.
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